About Pitsj – english version

The vocal group Pitsj consists of five strong, female singers based in Oslo, Norway – all young women at the heights of their personal careers as trained singers, actors and musicians: Anine and Benedikte Kruse, Ane Carmen and Ida Roggen, and Anja Eline Skybakmoen. The group includes two pairs of sisters, which contributes to the astonishingly homogenous sound of the ensemble. With Pitsj’s unusual all-female composition, the critics agree that Pitsj presents delightfully fresh and sophisticated interpretations of popular songs. Pitsj’s vocal art shows a great diversity of style, as their feminine soundscape contains as different expressions as Cuban and Brasilian grooves, big band arrangements, Nordic contemporary melodic jazz, string swing and American folk pop.In 2009 Pitsj released their second album, Gjenfortellinger – in English, Retellings. The album presents international jazz and pop standards and Norwegian folkloric music in Pitsj’s personal style. A number of Norway’s most outstanding composers and musicians have contributed with their arrangements.

Pitsj released their first album in 2006, featuring well-known Norwegian tunes spanning from classics from the Eurovision Song Contest in the sixties, to rock classics from more recent years. The album is tastefully produced by Anders Edenroth from the legendary Swedish a cappella group The Real Group, in their Stockholm studio.

Pitsj has performed at a large number of Norwegian festivals and concert scenes, and they have featured extensively on Norwegian television. They have performed with several well-known Norwegian artists. Pitsj has also made joint performances with The Real Group on several occasions.

Abroad, Pitsj has travelled to Sweden and Slovakia. In 2009 they will perform at two different festivals in Cuba. In summer 2009, Pitsj was headed for an international A cappella festival in Japan, to perform with groups such as Take 6, Riltons Vänner and Rajaton. Unfortunately the festival had to cancel in the last minute, due to the unexpected failing of financing.


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